Book your free TEDx Breakthrough Session Below.

Please ONLY book a call if:

  • People (not your friends) love the work/ideas you want to talk about on stage (eg: you have a coaching business that gets results, you've shared your ideas in written or spoken form before and people are already resonating with them).
  • You have a website for your business/personal brand/organization (not "in progress", but currently online...not just a LinkedIn page, but an actual website that you operate currently)
  • You have the time, energy, and commitment to start on your TEDx journey right now (it will be 6-8 months total time, at least, between now and the event date)
  • You have a supportive environment/team (ie: you have already spoken to your business partner/spouse/board of directors and they are 100% supportive and on board with you doing a TEDx talk right now)

If you have any questions about whether or not a call is right for you right now, check out these Frequently Asked Questions.