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TEDx Call For Speakers Tool

**In this post, I’ll show you a custom tool I built to make it absurdly easy to find TEDx speaker applications AND make sure the event is high quality** If you’ve ever tried to use TED’s event map, you’d know that it’s pretty annoying if you want to find TEDx applications.  You click on a TEDx event and can’t find…

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How to Do a TED Talk

What’s Different About a TED-Style Talk? The unique “TED Talk style”  is driven by several factors: Length (Talks are less than 18min) Broad audience. (Most of the audience for a talk are generally curious people, which differs from unfilmed events targeted at a specific industry) Talks are filmed (so the audience isn’t mainly in the room – they’re watching your…

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How to Start a TED Talk

If you can’t get your intro right, people may not even watch the rest of your TED Talk. This article will show you some ways to begin a TED Talk (with example TED Talks) to help you create an attention-grabbing opener for your talk. How is a TED Talk Introduction Different than Other Talks? Imagine if people got up and…

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How to Title a TED Talk

You may want to get on TEDx, and you need a great title to entice TEDx organizers.  Or, you may have already delivered your talk and the organizer needs a title before it’s posted on YouTube. Or, you may be in the process of creating a TED Talk, and need a title as part of that process. Regardless of where…

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What Makes a Good TED Talk?

A good TED Talk is one that: Reaches a lot of people Causes them to take action (not just applaud) Creates real results for the speaker (paid speaking, book deal, coaching clients, and soon) With those criteria in mind, here are the factors that control how good your TED Talk is. Factors that Affect The Results of a TED Talk…

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3 Types of TEDx Coaches & How to Pick The Right One for You

Interested in coaching to help you on your TEDx journey? There are a ton of people who call themselves “TEDx coaches” these days. Here are the different types, what they offer, what they (generally) charge, and what you can ask them to find out if they can get you results. Coaches Who Help with your Talk These are people who…

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