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The Feedback Gap – How to get more accurate audience feedback

A new stereo was being developed, and the electronics company created a focus group. They gathered people around to ask them what they thought of the stereo. The features, whether they liked it, what they’d be willing to pay. People said they’d happily pay $90, $100, or even $200. Of course, the electronics company was thrilled! People loved the stereo!…

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Create a Viral TED Talk: The 3-stage Formula

Check out the number of views on these 2 TEDx videos. They were filmed at the same TEDx event (TEDxHouston) in the same year (2010). One went viral. The other definitely didn’t. While 1 talk has had a total of 1,601 views in the last 7 or so years, the other has had 1,000 TIMES THAT AMOUNT (and ended up…

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Speak at TEDxWomen: The Complete Guide

Here’s a surprising thing that most women don’t know — there are 180 TEDxWomen events every year that coincide with the TEDWomen conference, and many of them have open speaker application forms. This means it’s possible for anyone to apply to speak at TEDxWomen! NOTE: if you aren’t sure about your topic, want to do all this right, and are…

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The Preacher and the Detective

In any field that requires spreading of products and ideas (speaking, writing, app development, making videos etc), there are 2 core roles you must take on. The Preacher…they’re the one you see. The Preacher stands on stage and speaks, posts their latest blog post on Facebook, shares a Tweet, and updates their website. They express ideas from the heart, ask…

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