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*NOTE* Not everyone can do a TEDx talk (I'd love to be able to help everyone..but it's just not possible). Please ONLY book a call with me if:

  • You're 100% committed to setting a high bar for yourself in terms of the goals you achieve in your life (TEDx is like the Olympics for speaking...you have to be a little bit nuts, in a good way, to aim for this)
  • You have a few topic ideas that you're passionate about spreading further (these don't have to be fully-developed yet) that have legitimately helped other people
  • You've got a website or want to make one (this makes sure you're sufficiently comfortable with being public and on the internet)
  • You're comfortable on stage
  • You have a supportive environment/team (ie: your spouse/board of directors/business partner is 100% on board with you doing a TEDx talk and you've already discussed it with them)

If you have any questions about whether or not a call is right for you right now, check out these Frequently Asked Questions.