TEDx Coaching

Most public speaking information is designed for people who want to be confident in their next work presentation.

Or deliver a good wedding speech.

After all, that’s the level most people are at.

But for people who care deeply about crafting an irresistible message for an event like TEDx or a bestselling book, these average tips won’t do. They’re not meant for you.

As a TEDx event organizer, I’ve seen hundreds of messages.

  • Some that went on to get the speaker amazing business results…and some that didn’t
  • Some that got the speaker invited to top events…and some that got turned down

Few people in the world know the difference, because they don’t have access to this information.

If you’re looking to craft an Irresistible Message that can get you incredible business results (and helps you land top opportunities), I’d love to help.

I work with a limited number of people who are interested in excelling in the reach and impact of their message, the prestige of the events they speak at, and the opportunities they get as a result of their talk.

Click here to learn more about my coaching and see if you’re a good fit.

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