How one reader got a TEDx Talk

Lisa speaking at a TEDx eventPursuing a TED Talk is a huge personal and emotional challenge. You’re tackling a big goal, and whenever you aim for big things, you’re vulnerable to failure, disappointment, and criticism. Often, though, the biggest barrier is ourselves. What if you apply and don’t get accepted? What if you DO get accepted and have to live up to the audience’s expectations of what a great TED Talk is? Or your expectations of yourself? Scary huh? Today, I want to highlight someone that’s taken on this challenge. She decided to start on this path, even though it was hard. Even though it might not have worked. She decided that her dream of doing a TED Talk and the value the audience could receive from her message were both more important than her fear: Lisa got selected to speak at TEDx by applying to local events Have you taken action yet? Are you struggling with anything? Let me know in the comments…I’d also like to challenge you to read one of the article links below and take one small step today. Here are the resources Lisa used to land her TED Talk at TEDxChathamKent:


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