You’re good enough for a TED Talk

I know what you’re thinking. You think you need more qualifications.

“I have to have more coaching clients before I’ll be ready for a TED Talk”

“I have to have more paid speaking gigs under my belt”

“I’m waiting for my book to be published”

It’s all a lie, frankly. You’re good enough for a TED Talk just the way you are. You might want to wait because of a personal preference, but there’s no hard and fast rule about how many Twitter followers you need first.

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12 year old TED Talk. He spoke at TEDx with few qualifications

Do you think the 4.5 million people who have watched this 12-year-old’s TED Talk care that he’s not Mark Zuckerberg? He’s 12. He’s obviously not an experienced app developer nor an experienced speaker.

Think you need to have done a certain number of speaking gigs first? Here’s what the TED website says about the qualifications or speaking experience you need:

All of these things are little lies that have been told to you. In reality, you’re more ready for a TED Talk than you think.

Rather than putting pressure on yourself to be the perfect speaker, focus on preparing a great idea that’s tested with the audience long before you step on stage. Doing so takes the pressure off. After all, TED’s motto is “Ideas Worth Spreading” for a reason.

Ready to find a great idea and get certainty that the audience loves it? Join the Find a Winning TED Talk video series. It’s specially designed to help you find a TED Talk inside you that the audience loves.

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Ryan Hildebrandt
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