What is the TEDx Speaker’s Bureau?

**Want to do a TEDx talk, but can’t afford thousands of dollars for coaching (and, not sure if you even need coaching help)? This is the post for you.**

Every week, my team updates a global (4000+ events) TEDx event spreadsheet. It’s got things like:

  • Theme
  • Number of past events (which tells you the most experienced events)
  • Link to sample YouTube videos they’ve put out
  • Website, contact email, Facebook & Twitter profiles (ie: multiple ways to apply)

We also put together event alerts, so you can monitor a specific state/country/region and get a notification when there’s an event in that area that announces their next event date.

tedx application 2023
TEDx event alert with insider TEDx tips

Basically, rather than hiring a virtual assistant to find TEDx events to speak at, we do it all for you.

I call this service The TEDx Speaker’s Bureau (because it works just like a traditional speaker’s bureau, but specific for those that want to be TEDx speakers). It’s the easiest way to find high-quality, verified-filmed TEDx speaking opportunities in your local area.

The good thing is, you can apply to as few, or as many of these TEDx speaking opportunities as you like (ie: your opportunities to land a TEDx talk with this method is virtually limitless)

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you tell us your preferences (ideal audience type for your message, locations you’d like to speak in, whether you want alerts for first-time events or ONLY established events etc)
  • We search TED’s directory and extract key info on every TEDx event worldwide (number of past events, theme, date, location, organizer names + bios)
  • We then cross-check YouTube (to show you a snapshot of the stage and a sample video, so you always know an event is filmed)
  • We cross-check Google (to find the website)
  • We ALSO search Facebook and Twitter to find social media pages
  • AND we parse the website to find the event’s contact email (if they list one)

You get all this delivered to you in two formats:

  • If you want to apply to a number of TEDx events now: You get a Global TEDx Spreadsheet, with all 4000+ TEDx events worldwide (for those that want to quickly filter/sort and contact a number of events now)
tedx speaker application 2023
  • If you want to get notified for events in a specific area (and apply when you’re ready): we send you email notifications when a TEDx event in your area announces its next event date (so you don’t miss deadlines, or have to keep checking for changes)

It’s just like a more general speaker’s bureau, but SPECIFICALLY for those that want to get TEDx speaking opportunities, targeted to your message and location, delivered straight to your inbox.

It’s free for the first 30 days (so you can see just how amazing it is), then $47/mo thereafter.

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