Find TEDx speaking opportunities with this 3 step framework

There are 4,500 TEDx speaking opportunities this year. One of them is ready for you.

TEDx speaker

Google has been lying to you.

Try to find TEDx speaking opportunities in your city (e.g.: “London”), and you may be fooled into thinking there are only a few events available.

In reality, London has 40 TEDx events. New York has 80. Florida has 43. And, 166 countries all around the world host TEDx events. No matter where you are, there’s opportunity.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Google is hiding #TEDx speaking opportunities from you (London has 40 events, Florida has 43!!)” quote=”Google is hiding #TEDx speaking opportunities from you (London has 40 events, Florida has 43!!)”]

How can Google be letting you down? Simple – the event name doesn’t always have the city name in it (eg:  T­E­Dx­Covent­Garden­Women is in London, for example). Or, the cities close by in a metropolitan area, or a TEDx at a university (eg: TEDxUW is at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada).

This creates a MASSIVE amount of competition for just a few events, while others are much easier to get selected for!

Instead of relying on Google (and missing out on thousands of TEDx speaking opportunities), there’s a better way.

“I found like 35 events nearby where I live… 35+!!…It wasn’t a total surprise in the sense I knew there were local events all over North Carolina — however, never had I realized they were THAT many across the state!” – Lindsay Ruiz


TEDx event map
There are many TEDx events around the world you can apply to speak at


I put together a 3-part system to find local TEDx speaking opportunities and I want to give it to you, free. In it, you’ll get:

  • A guide to finding events using the TEDx event directory LONG before they book speakers
  • The “Fortune-Teller” method to find events that aren’t listed (but will probably come up soon)
  • How to find  TEDx events you’re already connected to through your network
  • A downloadable spreadsheet to track all of your TEDx speaking opportunities

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