I’ve helped professionals just like you:

  • Apply to 20+ events only to get selected at ONE event that “looked like it’d been filmed on a flip phone” (he turned them down, thankfully), to applying to 2, getting invited at one right after working with me
  • Get invited to speak at the one of the largest TEDx events in the world (TEDxRioDeLaPlata), to a 20,000 person live audience
  • Craft messages that landed them book deals and paid speaking engagements after their TEDx talk
  • Speak at TEDx as their first talk ever
  • Go from getting turned down (before working with me) to applying for 4 events, getting shortlisted at 2 and invited to speak at 2 (all with the same pitch).
  • Get millions of views on their talks (2 speakers at 2mm+ views), even though the median TEDx talk gets 1,300 views

Disclaimer: All of these are people that I got to know through business (not friends or family), and none of them were compensated for these reviews.

Each of these people provided massive commitment to deeply impacting the world from a TEDx stage, they were coachable, and they took decisive fast action even though they were busy professionals and entrepreneurs. In other words, extraordinary results are only first possible with people who are willing to set a high bar for themselves.

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You can find a playlist of video case studies here, or, scroll below for text case studies.

Connie initially felt like becoming a TEDx speaker was something she’d be ready for “later”. She had an idea of what she wanted to share, but didn’t have 100% certainty that it was TEDx ready yet.

But, using framework I coached her through, she began to see that she could really “do it”. That there WAS a way to craft a message that she knew people love. Using my pitching framework she applied for 2 TEDx events. Even though each got 200+ applicants she was shortlisted for both, and was invited to speak at TEDxDayton.

“I know for a fact that the organizers of TEDxRioDeLaPlata would never select me…They are only looking for engineers and scientists…They’re anti-business” – Leo Piccioli (business author and speaker), Feb 6, 2019

He had good reason to doubt as well – Leo had applied to TEDxRioDeLaPlata 3 years prior and didn’t even get short-listed. He even had the organizers tell him they were just looking for more technical people.

But then, at TEDxRioDeLaPlata (the same event he knew he couldn’t get into) , Leo delivered his TEDx talk to a 20,000 person live audience at one of the largest TEDx events in the world. (Detailed interview and case study with Leo here)

(look at the size of the room!)

John (a business coach and author in the Bay area) had applied to more than 20 TEDx events. After all that effort, he was invited to be a TEDx speaker, but after reading my emails and blog posts about some lower-quality events, decided that the event he was invited to was below his standards, so he turned them down.

In his words, the other event looked like it was filmed on a flip phone.

A matter of weeks after working with me, he was invited to speak at TEDxOakland (after applying to 2 events). Detailed interview with John here

Zach (a piano teacher/YouTuber) initially thought TEDx was something that “just happens”. Until he found my site, he had no idea it was something you could intentionally go GET.

7 weeks after starting work with me, he was booked as a speaker at TEDxOshkosh. More detailed case study/testimonial here with Zach.

Jill’s talk had grown to 200,000 views but had started to plateau. She had hired a website marketing expert/social media guru, and an agent, but was still stuck. She wanted to grow the audience for her talk so that book publishers would accept her book proposal.

Today, Jill’s talk is growing on its own (eg: without being actively promoted by Jill). Jill also got a book deal. Jill’s talk is now just over 2mm views.

After I helped Roger craft a marketing strategy for his talk it reached 1.5mm views in 2016. UPDATE: As of Oct 2019, Roger’s talk is now just over 2.7mm views and is growing as quickly in 2020 as it did in 2018.

I (Ryan) had delivered short presentations at 2 networking events, had hosted a TEDx event, hosted a podcast, and done improv comedy performances twice.

All that to say, I was not, and am not, an “experienced speaker”, famous influencer, or author. But, using the same strategies I help my clients with, I applied for 2 TEDx events and got invited to speak at one in Canada, in a city I’d never been to before.

“I followed the system and had a TEDx Talk in 2 months”

“In early 2016 I set a goal for myself to do a TED Talk. I looked around and saw that you could nominate yourself on TED.com, so I did and…crickets. I didn’t hear anything back.

I put out a couple applications to do a TEDx talk and I got rejected. I started wondering…is this the best use of my time? Is this even going to happen? You start allowing that kind of self-talk and those fears to creep in. It starts to take over. I got pretty discouraged.

I thought I needed to be this high-caliber speaker who had a following and a reputation. A guy that’s going to come up on the stage and ‘wow’. I thought I needed a certain amount of experience speaking before I could even get up on the TEDx stage.

After following Ryan’s steps, I found out that pretty much anyone with a great idea could do a TEDx talk. I followed the system and booked had a TEDx Talk in only 2 months at TEDxRapidCity(!!) After trying on my own for almost a year and a half, I got some help and finally landed a TEDx talk. I’m on cloud 9. I’m even taking my family with me!

The theme for this talk couldn’t have worked out any better. I have an event with a theme that I’m passionate about and for me that matters. I’m bringing more energy and connection to this event. I’m more psyched about it. I’ve been waiting to get this idea out into the world for the past year. Now it’s on the doorstep!” -Aaron Hunnel (invited to do a TEDx talk at TEDxRapidCity)

“Today, I got invited to speak at TEDxEvansStreet”

“Ryan’s material helped me figure out how to focus my answers on the application form as well as narrow down my topic. Today, I got invited to speak at TEDxEvansStreet!” – Jennifer Arvin Furlong

“I thought I would have had to accomplish something bigger, or I have a bigger platform”

“I guess I thought I would have had to accomplish something bigger, or I have a bigger platform to do a TEDx talk.

It didn’t dawn on me until I started seeing friends of mine do TEDx talks and I thought…maybe I’m closer than I think, but I was still sort of sitting around waiting. I didn’t know what to do. I used Ryan’s material, and this morning I found out I was invited to speak at TEDxChathamKent!!!!”

-Lisa Dadd (invited to speak at TEDxChathamKent)