The Engineer Who Became A TEDx Founder

I have a background in engineering, and I’ve built systems for some multi billion dollar companies. Planning, executing and maintaining these complicated systems gave me a set of skills that makes me an expert problem solver.

But What Does Engineering Have To Do With Creating A TEDx Event?

I use my engineering expertise to help my clients get booked for TEDx events. I look at the whole process of getting booked as a system, and I engineer every step my clients take to ensure they land a talk, and get their  opportunity to finally become a TEDx speaker.


It was a fascinating process being on the “inside” of how TEDx events work.

Creating TEDx events from scratch taught me a ton of things – most notably, that there are a ton of very intelligent people who want to become TEDx speakers for a variety of reasons, but there are a few key things that aren’t commonly understood about TEDx talks that make this process hard.

1. There Are Some Bad TEDx Events



TEDx event organizers are on their own — you have to pay for the venue, videography, photography, those big TED letters, and even buy the big red circle. All that is expensive.

If you’re not skilled enough as an organizer to find sponsors to cover those things, and don’t have the marketing savvy to sell out your tickets at a high enough price, then these more expensive items just don’t happen.

So, this leads to a huge difference in quality between TEDx events – some organizers simply can’t get sponsorship to pay for these things, or they don’t want to spend the time to figure all this out.

As a speaker, this is a huge deal.

The minute you tell anyone you did a TEDx talk, they’ll ask to see the video. The thing is, if you don’t have one, or the video looks like crap, it’ll definitely look bad on you, and you’ll definitely be disappointed.

You should ONLY be speaking at the best TEDx events. Anything else could be a waste of time, or ruin your reputation.

2. Your TEDx Talk Doesn't Matter If You Can't Get Booked For An Event

Some coaches focus on helping speakers with their TEDx talks. After all, anyone can tell you how TEDx speakers speak – the information is freely available by simply watching talks on YouTube.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how good your talk is if you can’t get booked. nobody will hear it.

I’ll say that again — it doesn’t matter how good of a speaker you are. And it doesn’t matter how good your talk is.

Neither of those imply you’ll get booked.

In fact, I’ve seen people spend thousands developing a talk with a coach who didn’t know how to get booked, and they got rejected from 50-100+ events.

A better approach and pitch gets your booked faster, and it unlocks the BEST stages, so you look like a rockstar.

So, I decided to focus on a different problem — how to help experienced experts get booked at the best TEDx events.

3. Expertise Is Not All It Takes To Get Booked

Before I started a TEDx event, I had a ton of assumptions about what kind of people would be obvious TEDx speakers.

I assumed professional speakers, credentialed experts, bestselling authors, and so on would have no problems getting booked.

After all, if TEDx speakers are all experts, wouldn’t that imply that the more expertise someone has, the better their chances?

But, I’ve come across New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors, former Oprah guests, Olympians, and Ivy League grads who have been turned down countless times. I’ve been told of processional speakers who have applied to more than 100 TEDx events with zero success.

It turns out, there are far more experts than there are TEDx speaking opportunities. 


It's So Much More Than Just A Talk

As I’ve conquered my own challenges (running a marathon, cycling across Canada, an Ironman triathlon, and so on), I’ve realized that these challenges were about more than exercise.

They transformed me.

At first, a part of me didn’t believe I could do it.

But I had the right program, hired the right coaches, and through crossing the finish lines, realized there was a much bigger version of myself I’d unlocked.

My clients say the same:
“A TEDx talk is my next Everest”

“Anyone can write a book or make YouTube videos…if you do a TEDx talk you’re legit”

“TEDx is the gold standard of speaking”

“I’m scared and excited at the same time”

“I want to show my kids that I’m following my dreams too”

I get it.

I like to say that I don’t just help people land a TEDx talk…

I help them BECOME a TEDx speaker.

It’s more than a speech, it’s a transformation.

Are you ready?

Land A TEDx Talk In 90 Days, Guaranteed.