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How to End a TED Talk Speech

The end of your TED Talk may be one of the only things anyone ever remembers about it. Science backs this up. We tend to more easily remember the beginnings of things (primacy) and the most recent thing we heard (recency), both of which combine to give us the serial position effect: So, any effort you put into your conclusion…

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How to Find TED Talk Topic Ideas

It doesn’t matter how good of a speaker you are or what credentials you have — if your topic doesn’t stand head and shoulders above the others vying for the same stage, you’ll get turned down. Even with WORLD CLASS credentials. Dr. Mary O’Connor has a Ph.D. from Yale University. She’s a former Olympian and had even met President Carter…

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How to Be a TEDx Speaker

Have you always wondered how to do a TEDx talk? This article will show you how to get on TEDx from start to finish. How Long Does it Take to Become a TEDx Speaker? A TEDx event will start its speaker selection process about six months before the event date. After this initial speaker selection deadline, there may be one…

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How to Get a TED Talk

Let’s start with a question back to you: Is this a TED Talk? It isn’t a trick question – I really want to know what you think “doing a TED talk” means because there are several correct answers. If you answered, “YES that’s a TED Talk – how do I get one of those?” Then I can definitely help you…

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What Are TED and TEDx? (And The Differences)

If you’re an expert looking for exposure and credibility, there’s one pretty amazing secret you should be aware of. A hint is in the title of this article 😉 The best TEDx events (like the stage below) are far easier to get invited to speak at than TED, but to the general public, this is a “TED Talk.” So, if…

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Which TEDx Events are Best?

Some TEDx events can make you look like a rockstar, while others can make you look like a complete amateur.  But many people don’t know that there IS a drastic difference in TEDx event quality. And event quality is one of the biggest factors in how easily you can become a TEDx speaker and the benefits you get from the…

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